The conventional lock is always in the danger of being unlocked or broken. Lock bumping; Lock picking and lock busting are few of the techniques that the thieves get in trespassing onto your property or relieving you of your personal possessions. A keypad lock, on the other hand, is under no such hazards. It cannot be picked or bumped. It functions through a code or password that is not simple to track and only the owner has idea of it. Moreover, it cannot be easily duplicated like a key. A keyless keypad lock resists against the growing threats of break-in that are occurring nowadays. It is quite easy to reset the code or password of the keypad lock, if you feel the requirement for it. Also, many of these locks have a back light feature that makes it easier for you to enter the code or password at night time. Locksmith Rockville MD brings into use modern and conventional locking technique for better security.