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Car Tools Used By Locksmith |

Car Tools Used By Locksmith

Professional use various tools for getting into the car without using a specific key. Such type of entry is required only when keys, both electric and mechanical flops to open the car door lock. The various method used by Alpharetta locksmith is an open pump wedge system, use of long narrow z shape metal wire, narrow metal rod, tension wrench tool, etc.

In an open pump wedge system, alpharetta locksmith placed the airbag in between the door and car body. The location is extreme left from the upper part of the door. After carefully fitting, a pump which is connected with the bag is used for blowing air in the bag. This bag swells and creates pressure between the door and the car body. After some point, a tuck sound is heard by the locksmith to indicate the breakage of the lock.

Traditionally locksmith prefers lock opening technique with the help of z shape metal wire. It is long enough to get into the car through the window and get the door unlocked.